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Our Quality Testing, Case Studies and Research

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Quality Testing

All orders come with our weekly Adhesion Test and our Certificate of Conformance.

Weekly Adhesion Test

The Adhesion test is the primary means of testing the quality of Tungsten Disulfide. Our Adhesion test is done weekly and the results are sent out with every order. Upon request Applied Tungstenite will perform an adhesion on the part itself but please note adhesion tests require a flat surface to perform the adhesion test and that is not always possible. In that case a test coupon will have to be provided.

Certificate of Conformance

All orders come with a Certificate of Conformance approved and signed by the Vice President of production Pete Woods. All Parts go through 6 inspections through out the process before the final inspection.

First Article Inspection

Applied Tungsten will run an in house check on all new parts or processes to check cleaning procedures and anything else that might damage the part. Upon request Applied Tungstenite will hold parts until a First Article Inspection and the accompanying paperwork is approved by the customer.

In-House Testing

Torque test
Uncoated and Tungsten Disulfide Coated bolts with two valve spring assemblies as resistance were tested against each other.

Wind Turbine Test
The bearings on an Air X wind turbine were coated with Tungsten Disulfide and the acceleration was measured.

Outside Testing

Coefficient of Friction Test
Tokyo University's Mechanical Engineering Department Laboratory conducted a Coefficient of Friction test using a pin on disc tribometer.

Spiral Flow Study
This study was conducted to quantify flow enhancement afforded by the WS2 coating when applied to injection, blow, and extrusion tooling.

Electron Microscope Test
A microscopic images of impinged tungsten disulfide coating. The images are of the tungsten disulfide coated stainless steel.