Single Use Tungsten Disulfide For Less Friction Equals The Best Install


Improve efficiency in your fastener installations with Tungsten Disulfide. One easy install and one tight fit, use Tungsten Disulfide when it has to go smoothly once. WS2 is .5 microns thick so there is no need to adjust the tolerances on existing products. A simple solution for your friction problems.

Aerospace Fasteners

Single Use Application

Example: A manufacturer of aerospace fastener and installation tooling was seeking to reduce the installation torque of a very light blind bolt fastener.

Result: Using our proprietary fixtures, Applied Tungstenite coated the entire blind bolt, including the indents and the inside of the hex head, significantly reducing the installation friction.

The Tungsten Disulfide Advantage

1. Less Friction equals Smooth Install

2. One Smooth Layer 0.5 Micron Thick

3. Uniform Torque

4. Minimizes Migrating Material

5. Compatible with Liquid Oxygen

WS2 Technical Information

A single layer of modified Tungsten Disulfide .5 microns thick
Molecular weight of 248.02
Density of 7.4 gms/cc
Hardness of 30 Rockwell C
Uniform silver-gray in color

All ferrous and non-ferrous metals and selective manmade solids and plastics.
However, the harder the substrate, the better the bond.

High velocity impingement applied at ambient air temperature.
No cure time required
No binders or additional adhesives

Temperatures Range:
-460°F to 1200°F (-273°C to 650°C) in normal atmosphere
-360°F to 2400°F (-188°C to 1316°C) in hard vacuum

Load Capacity/Pressure:
Same as substrate to 100,000 psi

Coefficient of Friction:
Dynamic 0.035 Static 0.07
Coefficients lower then .05 are attainable but will vary with humidity

Chemical Stability:
Inert, non-toxic and non-corrosive
Accepts petrochemical oils and greases, synthetic oils, silicone lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
Does not prevent corrosion of substrate

Lox Compatibility:
Insensitive to detonation by or in the presence of oxygen