History of Tungsten Disulfide

Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) is a Dry Film Lubricant designed in the 1960's by Dr. Robert Nelson of Stanford University to perform in a vacuum over a wide temperature range for NASA's Mariner Space program. In 1966 to reduce friction and wear Aerojet General specified the first WS2 coated components with a specification that is substantially the same as today's AMS 2530.At that time Dr Nelson and his associates established the company Dicronite® lubricant to process Tungsten Disulfide under the brand name DL-5®. A review of the specifications below demonstrates that Dicronite, DL-5 and WS2 are frequently substituted. After 47 years the WS2 Industry practices and equipment were in need of an update. By combining a faithful application of the original science with new state of the art equipment, we have brought Tungsten Disulfide forward to the present.

At Applied Tungstenite, we are not just about old science applied correctly, but we are also focused on the future potential of Tungsten Disulfide. Our firm, founded in 2012, is built from the ground up based on upon the certification AS9100 and the specification AMS 2530 (DOD-L-855645 old spec).All parts processed at Applied Tungstenite are processed with WS2 impinged with high velocity air and bonded at .5 microns to the substrate using no binders or volatile organic compounds. Applied Tungstenite Corporation has the staff, equipment, testing and research to provide Tungsten Disulfide dry film lubrication with on time Delivery of a superior quality

Historical Tungsten Disulfide Specs

Date Written: Spec# (Material) Company

4/14/1966: AGC 46793 (WS2) Aerojet General

6/24/1968: PNA 16-01 (WS2, MoS2) Sundstrand

9/5/1969: AMS 9-02 (DL-5) Sargent

7/27/1970: STO 140-A3 0016 (WS2) North American Rockwell

3/28/1972: FMC 99447 (WS2) FMC

12/6/1973: MBO 140-009 (WS2) Rockwell International

7/15/1976: DP 50068 (DL-5) Hughes Aircraft

7/22/1976: EPS 52 CT-1 (DL-5) Minature Precision Bearing

11/8/1976: WS 17650 (WS2) Lockheed Martin

12/2/1977: 728770 (DL-5) Barnes

4/7/1978: NAS 1900 (DL-5) Huck International

8/29/1978: MPS-1105 (WS2) Marguart Company

4/5/1979: #35 344 (WS2) Leach

7/30/1979: (WS2) Kaylock

8/14/1981: EPS8224 (DL-5) ITT Cannon

10/16/1982: S3265 (WS2) Consolidated Controls

6/6/1983: FSCM 07482 (WS2) GE

4/28/1983: ESS 064-1 (WS2) Textron

7/22/1983: EPB 676 (WS2) Transco

9/16/1983: HMS 41078 (DL-5) Boeing

1/19/1985: C600541 (DL-5) TRW

7/25/1985: SPS 450 (WS2) Torr Vacuum

10/30/1985: 935 (WS2) Fairchild Control Systems

12/30/1985: DOD-L-85645 (WS2) Military

5/14/1986: EP 3466 (WS2) MOOG