AS9100 Certified

Now You Have an AS 9100 Certified Dry film Lubricant Alternative

AS 9100 Cert

AS9100 Certified

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Registration Number: 951136360

Effective Date: June 20, 2013

Back to the Original Science

Applied Tungsenite is now a certified AS9100 Tungsten Disulfide company. If you are interested in trying our services, check your old specs. Starting with Aerojet in 1966 to the present, Applied Tungstenite qualifies for any spec that calls for "WS2", "Dry Film Lubricant per AMS 2530", "Dry Film Lubricant per DOD-L-85645" etc.

All parts processed by Applied Tungstenite, with no exceptions are properly air impinged at 700 mph. There is no other way defined in the AMS 2530. That means burnishing, Dremels, tumbling and organics are not part of the process.

Our firm, built from the ground up in 2012, is based upon the certifications AS9100, and aerospace specification AMS 2530. Ed Fabiszak of Microsurface Corporation of Illinois has granted us a WS2 license for the southwest including California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. With Microsuface's state of the art equipment and Ed's technical guidance we have the most effective dry film lubricant system available in southern California.

By combining a faithful application of the original science with the new facility and state of the art equipment we have brought Tungsten Disulfide forward to the present.

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    Approved Supplier
    November 21 2013

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    Parker Hannifin

    Approved Special Processor
    October 14 2013: Approved for AMS 2530 and AMS 2700 E Method II
    Acceptable Processor for DOD-L-85645 A: Impingement Applied