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Care and Handling

Prevent Corrosion and Damage of Your Coated Parts

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The Care and Handling of Tungsten Disulfide

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Tungstenite (WS2) is a remarkably effective lubricant but does little to prevent corrosion or damage. It is important to take the following precautions to preserve parts before they reach their final application.

Cleaning (Only if absolutely necessary)

A. Do not clean with soap, detergent, or acetone

B. Clean with isopropyl alcohol 98% or 100%

C. Use clean non-abrasive rags not paper towels

Tungstenite (WS2) will come off in the contact with acids and alkalis. Most cleaning products fall under these categories so should not be used because they will corrode the 0.5 micron thick surface. Do not use Acetone because it will attack the bond between WS2 and the substrate. The most common cleaning agent available is Isopropyl Alcohol 98% and 100% (70% and 91% Isopropyl alcohol contains too much water). Cover a non-abrasive rag with alcohol and wipe down the part (Do not use paper towels or toilet paper because they can contain chemical softeners). If when cleaning a part some silvery black powder comes off yet the part looks unaffected, this is left over WS2 powder called fluff, do not worry about it.

Handling of Parts

A. Wear Non-porous inorganic gloves when handling parts

B. Avoid contact with organic materials

Tungstenite (WS2) is vulnerable to acid, alkali and water (acid and alkali because it corrodes the .5 micron thickness and water because it causes rust). Fingerprints and perspiration contain oils that will mark the surface. Fingerprints can also contain acids. So avoid handling the parts with bare hands.

Transporting and Storage

A. WS2 does not prevent Corrosion

B. Keep parts dry and separate

C. Package with desiccants or in paper

Tungstenite (WS2) is inert. It does not cause or prevent corrosion. Parts should be kept dry to avoid rust and corrosion. To store: keep parts dry and separate, package in corrosion inhibiting paper or with desiccants. Tungstenite (WS2) accepts synthetic oil so if appropriate store in your favorite oil. WS2 forms a molecular bond to the surface it is applied to. If properly cared for, Tungstenite will give you the longest wear life of any solid lubricant.

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