Dicronite is Tungsten Disulfide

WS2 vs DL5

Dicronite DL-5® is a brand name of Tungsten Disulfide Dry Film Lubricant

"Tungsten Disulfide Dry Film Lube (Equivalent to Dicronite) IAW AMS 2530" is a drawing note frequently employed by major aircraft manufacturers. The specification AMS 2530 replaces the older DOD-L-85645 under which the brand name Dicronite DL-5 was specified. Tungsten Disulfide is the actual material and DL-5, Dicronite and others are simply company brand names.

Applied Tungstenite processes primarily to AMS 2530, "Tungsten Disulfide Coating Thin Lubricating Film, Binder-less Impingement Applied" This Specification discards the older ineffective application methods procedures such as burnishing, tumbling, dremel applications which have been the mainstay of Dicronite for many years. The verb "to dicronite", the material "Dicronite" all refer to the application and use of Tungsten Disulfide Dry Film Lubrication.